Easy to Use

QuarkXPress is a powerful and full-featured tool that makes it easy to develop your ideas into sensational layouts for print and digital media.


Incredible Performance

With its new 64-bit architecture, QuarkXPress can use all of the RAM available to deliver performance improvements across the board from file handling and layout rendering to PDF export. Combined with a relentless focus on quality means you get the speed and reliability you deserve.

Xenon Graphics Engine

Bring Design to Life

The new state-of-the-art Xenon Graphics Engine takes full advantage of your computer’s processing power, rendering rich PDFs, Photoshop and TIFF images to give you maximum performance at the most appropriate resolution.

Adaptive Resolution

Designers no longer have to concern themselves with preview resolution settings and screen performance. Adaptive Resolution in QuarkXPress means the graphics are rendered in real time in the highest required resolution to match image zoom, crop and position. Text stays as text and vectors stay as vectors with no more low-resolution previews.

Leading-Edge Technology

The Xenon graphics engine in QuarkXPress 2015 has been engineered from the ground up to leverage the latest in processor technology. It utilises the dedicated vector processors within each core of your hardware and supports multi-threading, SSE3 and Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX), so you can be confident in world-class graphics performance.


Graphics look stunning in QuarkXPress 2015 thanks to a native and deep understanding of image and vector files. Pan and zoom to see graphics come to life.

Rich PDF

QuarkXPress 2015 natively understands every aspect of placed PDFs within a layout. This includes fonts, vectors, colour spaces, layers, transparency, blends, and gradients. Rather than working with low-res PDF previews, PDFs are dynamically mapped to the Xenon object model and rendered in real-time. Not only does everything from text to radial blends look crisper, it outputs faster too.

Advanced Image Control

Control layers, blend modes, colour channels and clipping paths for placed Photoshop, TIFF* and PDF files all without leaving QuarkXPress using the new Advanced Image Control Palette.

*Note layer control is not currently supported in placed TIFF files

HiDPI and Retina® Display Support

Now You See It, Now You Don’t

With a pixel density so high that the human eye can’t distinguish individual pixels, every element of QuarkXPress 2015 has been optimised to take full advantage of high-resolution Retina displays. *Mac only

Optimised UI



Modern and Optimised UI

Work Faster and Smarter

From the new full-screen view to auto-hiding dockable palettes, QuarkXPress 2015 has been redesigned inside and out.

Next Generation Palettes

Intelligent palettes and windows that are aware of their surroundings mean you spend less time arranging and more time designing. Dock palettes to screen edges, turn on hiding, drag and drop, snap to windows and more. New shortcut keys enable even faster access and the enhanced Palette Sets feature makes remembering your favorite configuration a breeze. *Mac only

Modern Development Environment

QuarkXPress on the Mac is now a native Cocoa app with a user interface that’s tightly integrated with the rest of the operating system including Finder, the Dock, and other Cocoa applications. Users benefit from new OS features and get a thoroughly modern, future-focused application with rapid support for new Mac OS releases and features.

Higher Contrast Colour Scheme

The higher contrast colour scheme has been applied consistently across the application to ensures icons, actionable elements, radio buttons, checkboxes and entry boxes stand out against the background and palettes and dialogues contrast with the design canvas.

8000% Zoom

8000% Zoom

Designers love details. That’s why QuarkXPress now offers the deepest zooming options available in leading layout and photo tools so that designers can, for example, position images as precisely as possible.

Dynamic Guides

Dynamic Guides

Tired of manually creating guides to align elements in a layout? Dynamic guides automatically appear when items that are created, moved or resized align with other items on the page. Dynamic guides also show when items have the same width and height as other elements on the page or when several items have the same distance to other items to help evenly distribute elements.

Custom Color Schemes

Custom Colour Schemes

Now you can create your own user interface colour settings in the preferences menu. *Mac only

Full Screen Experience

Expand your design environment to fill your entire screen with one click. When working across more than one screen, palettes can use one screen and your layout another. Set docked palette groups and auto hide for maximum real estate. *Mac only

Page Navigator

Use the enhanced Page Navigator to conveniently traverse through the page thumbnails and go directly to a chosen page. New navigation elements and command keys get you to your destination even faster. *Mac only

Measurement Palette

The Measurements Palette is now the single most important destination in QuarkXPress. It replaces the functionality of the Modify Dialogue including the previous shortcut keys, enabling continued access to your layout while tweaking more than 100 layout settings.

Streamlined, Modern, Intuitive Interface

Take Advantage of a Smart Workspace

We developed QuarkXPress with you in mind. The streamlined, modern, intuitive interface of QuarkXPress provides a workspace that lets you achieve your design and layout goals as effortlessly as possible.

The QuarkXPress® interface gives you easy access to the measurements and tools palettes, common palette groups, split views, and other features, making design easy, fast, and fun.

Intelligent Palettes

Maximise your Workspace

Intelligent palettes and windows that are aware of their surroundings mean you spend less time arranging and more time designing. Dock palettes to screen edges, turn on hiding, drag and drop, snap to windows and more. Shortcut keys enable even faster access and the Palette Sets feature makes remembering your favorite configuration a breeze.

You can customise your workspace to work faster and more efficiently by saving any combination of palettes — even creating custom Palette Sets for individual projects.

Adaptive Resolution Technology

See Things Clearly

When it comes to viewing images within a layout, most desktop publishing tools ask designers to compromise on quality, performance or both. In contrast, by utilising the latest processor technology, the Adaptive Resolution feature in QuarkXPress delivers high-resolution images every time without compromising performance.

Task-based Tools

Find the Right Tool for the Job

One of the most time-consuming aspects of design and production is getting to the right tool at the right time. QuarkXPress minimizes your trips to the Tools Palette by putting the right tools at your fingertips.

The Tools Palette provides quick access to some of the most common design and layout tasks. This example shows the Picture Content Tool. Using this tool you can manipulate pictures, such as scaling or rotating pictures using the content handles or cropping pictures by using the box handles.


Access Frequently Used Design Elements with Libraries

Is there a logo, a design, a run of text you use all the time? Put them in a library — then the next time you need it, you can just drag a copy of it from the library to the page.

You can set up libraries in QuarkXPress® to store elements you want to reuse, then easily browse them from a palette and drag-and-drop them to the page as needed.

Multiple Views

View Your Layouts in Several Different Ways at the Same Time

To tweak details, you have to zoom in. To get the big picture, you have to zoom out. QuarkXPress lets you do both at the same time. With the Split View feature, you can divide a window into separate views of the same layout, and each view acts like a separate window, with its own magnification. You can even divide views across multiple monitors.

QuarkXPress® provides multiple views of your layout. This example shows splits (left) and separate windows (foreground and background), which you can manipulate individually to see fine details or the larger project.

Learn Once for Multiple Channels

Use the Same Skills and Tools to Create Print, and Digital Publications

QuarkXPress provides a toolset that lets you design and publish for a variety of output formats — including the smartphones, e-readers, and tablets — without having to learn a different skill set for each, learn to write code or programme, or purchase additional software applications.

You can design for multiple layout types in QuarkXPress®, including print, eBooks, and App Studio

Keyboard Shortcuts

Boost Productivity with Keyboard Commands

Years of experience have expanded and honed the set of keyboard shortcuts in QuarkXPress to the point where you can work so fast that people watching you can’t keep up with what you’re doing. And if you have a favorite combination then simply define your own shortcut keys (*Mac only).

Use keyboard shortcuts to quickly access palettes and dialogue boxes and perform your design and layout tasks. Type and save your own shortcut keys:

Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop Content Directly into Your Layout

QuarkXPress lets you drag text and picture files onto the page from your desktop. You don’t even have to draw a box; just drag it in and you’re done. You can also drag content to and from other applications, such as Adobe® Bridge and iPhoto®.

Grab images or text and drag them to your boxes or even directly to the page — QuarkXPress® will make the box for you. Drag and drop not only works with the file system but also with applications like Adobe Bridge and even dragging selections from your word processor. You can also drag any picture box to your image editor application of choice to edit and update your images.


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