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How it Works

Create Content

Working in Microsoft Word, knowledge workers create content and check it into SharePoint. They can also use Quark's Web-based editor, which works inside the SharePoint user interface, to create and update content.

Access Control

Administrators can decide how much or how little control they want to provide to knowledge workers within the Web-based editor. They might decide to provide complete control over text, styling, and images, or restrict users to specific fonts, style sheets, and colors, and not allow image editing.

Whatever the level of required brand design and control, the solution has the flexibility to support it.

Whenever a knowledge worker changes content in Microsoft Word or through Quark's Web editor, all changes are available in the page layout instantly, even while the designer works on the layout in QuarkXPress. This also works in the other direction: Whenever content is changed in the QuarkXPress layout, the attached Word file or content is updated.

After the designer creates the page layout, knowledge workers can create, edit, and copyfit content directly in the layout using Quark's Web-based editor. The application allows users to add pictures and then scale, rotate, and crop them. If pictures are stored in SharePoint, they can be reused in multiple projects at the same time and across the organisation, with different scaling, rotation, and cropping applied to each usage.

For content review and approval, Quark's Web-based editor and QuarkXPress both support redlining, which lets users track content changes and enter comments.


Designers and publishing experts work in Quark Publishing System, using their publishing tools such as QuarkXPress, Adobe® Photoshop®, Adobe Illustrator®, and others. By attaching a Word file or content created in Quark's Web-based editor to a QuarkXPress layout, a designer puts the content into a page layout. QuarkXPress supports multiple layouts in a single project, and because it can synchronise the content across layouts, you can use the same content for multiple print documents, HTML pages, and SWF (Flash) files, which enables cross-media publishing.

Reuse, Integrate, and Update Content

Since all previously published information is available in SharePoint, anyone —knowledge workers or the publishing team — can easily reuse content for new publications. Thumbnails and previews of all QuarkXPress, Word, PDF, and image files are generated automatically by Quark Publishing System and displayed in SharePoint, which makes it easy to find the right content.

Quark Publishing System can automatically populate documents with content from databases or other data sources, such as Microsoft Excel® files, which eliminates the time and errors of manually copying and updating this data.

To update content, a knowledge worker changes it through Word or Quark's Web-based editor. Quark Publishing System can re-generate the publications that are affected automatically; the Creative Service department does not need to be involved.


When a QuarkXPress file is published, SharePoint users can generate a PDF of this file at any time through a single click, without intervention by Creative Services.


Quark Publishing System adds publishing automation capabilities to the SharePoint user interface. For example, SharePoint users can initiate the automated generation of PDF, SWF (Flash), XML, HTML, JPEG, and PNG output, without intervention from the Creative Services department, enabling cross-media publishing in print, to the Web, and to digital devices.

Use a Single Repository

SharePoint provides a single repository for both Quark Publishing System and SharePoint users. This eliminates redundant data and integrates Quark Publishing System workflows with SharePoint workflows by allowing the editing of asset attributes in both systems.

Establish Workflow and Collaboration

SharePoint's standard business functions, such as project management, resource management, workflow management, task and time management, shared calendars, and communication via voice, mail, and chat, are also available for Quark Publishing System users. The Creative Services department can use the same workflows that the rest of the organisation uses. They can participate in projects across the organisation, assign tasks to others in the organisation, and get tasks assigned by others, which improves workload and schedule coordination.

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Why Quark?

Only Quark offers a complete dynamic publishing platform that is directly integrated with the most widely used content management and business collaboration platform, Microsoft SharePoint, delivering the maximum benefits afforded by both enterprise solutions.