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Utilizing all of the professional design capabilities of QuarkXPress®, App Studio provides complete control over the design of your iPad content, rich interactivity, and the world’s most efficient environment for designing content for multiple devices and orientations.

You can create as many issue files as you like in QuarkXPress and test them. Once you’re ready to publish an issue you need to purchase an App Studio issue license pack.

Dedicated Features for App Studio Issue Design

App Studio Layout

QuarkXPress can automatically create a separate layout for each device and orientation combination you choose. The page count and page sequence are maintained dynamically across all of the layouts. App Studio also supports page stacks, which allow you to organize an article or section of your publication as vertically ‘stacked’ pages.

One-click Synchronized Content

Synchronized Content in App Studio layouts lets you reuse the same design elements and content in multiple devices and orientations. Content and box attributes are synchronized while allowing for device and orientation-specific design differences.

Interactive Pictures

Enhance your images with pan and zoom effects, add captions and interactive actions, and enable your readers to view layout images in full screen. Customize the crop of the image in the box differently to the full screen display.


Choose from simple slideshows, slideshows with thumbnails or — for ultimate control — build a layout slideshow that uses the full design and layout capabilities of QuarkXPress. Customize the timing and effects as well as the slide show crops to make your slideshows unique.

Movies and Audio

Add movies or audio players to your issue files with auto-generated player controls. Choose options for auto play, full screen, and animations. Supports embedded movies and audio as well streaming media from Web URLs.

Scrollable Layouts

Create a vertical or horizontal scrollable layout within a page so readers can consume the content without having to move between pages. The scrollable layout can include any design elements from QuarkXPress, including interactive elements such as videos and slide shows. Customize the scrollable area with fade and scrollbar options and use scroll markers for the ultimate in interactivity.

Scroll Markers

Markers are boxes that trigger actions when they scroll into and out of view in a scrollable layout. For example, automatically change the background image of an article as the reader scrolls through the content.

Web Views

You can use HTML content (a Web overlay) to include changeable content or custom interactivity within an App Studio issue. For example, real-time ads, panoramas, 360° product tours or Google maps. Web views can reference an online URL or you can embed the HTML within your issue file.

Buttons and Hyperlinks

Turn any object into a navigation or interactive button. Use buttons to invoke Web sites, jump to specific pages in your layout, show pop-ups and even change the state of other interactive objects.

Export Options

You can export in the AVE-Mag or AVE-Doc formats from the App Studio layout space. If your aim is simply to repurpose a print document, AVE-Doc files can also be exported directly from a print layout in QuarkXPress. Export preferences allow control over the rendering quality and resolution, as well as customization of navigation bars that are embedded in every issue file.

Interactivity Actions

Interactive Actions are common across a number of the interactive elements in App Studio. Actions include changing the image displayed in a slideshow, navigating to a Web URL, jumping to a specific page number, opening a pop-up, and making an interactive object take over the full screen. You can even create lists of actions to take place simultaneously.

Guided Reading

Guided reading mode lets end users easily read an article from beginning to end in a rich layout view. In this mode, the portion of an article you're reading automatically scales to fill the screen, and you can navigate forward and backward in the article by tapping the left and right edges of the screen, respectively. Note that guided reading is only available in AVE-Doc issues.

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